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developer portfolio site

I'm Raines, thanks for checking out some of my software projects.

By day I'm a medical device consultant, but since 2017 I've been fascinated by the world of code and continually building my skills.

I built this site to showcase my work.

Project showcase

Collectors Edition Bouldering


A blog highlighting some of Lake Tahoes best rock climbing. I used Sanity as the content management system to hold all the information on the boulders, and kept the blog simple with MDX.

Developer Portfolio (this site)


My developer portfolio highlighting some of my work. I designed a new custom color scheme for this one.

Medical Device Consulting


A personal site for medical device consulting and training. The documentation section is extensive so I reached for MDX.

Pad Color Designer


A tool for designing color schemes for rock climbing crash pads. A fun challenge on this was one creating custom SVG, which I had never done before.

Healthcare Office Reporting


An admin frontend dashboard in Angular, REST backend in Django. A legacy project

Word Document Editor


C# WPF application for batch search and editing of Word documents, which I hoped to be more useful in my job than it actually was. Anyways, it was a fun dip into a different language and the .NET framework.